Gifts You Should Get for Your University of Kentucky Freshman

For high schoolers who will soon be heading off to college, things are starting to become extremely exciting. After they’ve decided where they want to go to school, there are so many fun things to look forward to. They get to graduate, have a graduation party, shop for their college dorm, and head off to a completely new school.

As soon as a high school senior decides where they will be spending the next four years of their life, it’s common for them to receive gifts to celebrate their decision.

So, picture this. You know a senior that is getting ready to leave for college, the University of Kentucky, specifically, and you want to get them a gift. If you’re looking to get the soon-to-be-freshman a gift but need some specific ideas, there are a few things that would be perfect. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Dorm Room Necessities
If the student is going to be living in a dorm during their first year of school, there are many things they will be needing. For example, little things that they might not think of, like a toolbox, toiletries, or a first-aid kit, are really good items to purchase. If you wanted to go a little bit overboard, you can always get them something a little more pricey, such as a television, a laptop, or a coffee maker.

Monetary Items
A great gift idea for an incoming freshman is a gift card. If they’re living on campus, they’ll most likely have access to the school’s dining hall. However, by giving them a gift card to restaurants around the area, you’re giving them the chance to explore the city or town around their school. You can also give them gift cards for grocery stores in their area because there are a lot of things that the dining hall cannot provide.

You may also choose to give him or her some money. If they have a car on campus, they’re going to need to fill the tank up with gas. If they want to go out and explore the area with their new friends, they’ll need money to do so. It’s also always a good idea to give them money to hold on to for emergencies.

School Gear
Since your student is going to the University of Kentucky, they’re going to need some UK gear! The University of Kentucky bookstore, along with every other college’s bookstore, has an online store where you can purchase anything from University of Kentucky hats to University of Kentucky apparel. The online stores are convenient because you can get the teen something they will love without having to travel for hours to pick some gear out for them. They’re great gifts for when they’re going to school or just for the holiday season. Over half (55%) of Americans did a bit of their holiday shopping online in 2016. University of Kentucky apparel is likely to be a hit, as most students end up walking around campus wearing their school’s logo on their sweatpants or sweatshirts.

Whether you decide to give your soon-to-be-freshman University of Kentucky apparel, state pride Kentucky merchandise, Kentucky football apparel, or a coffee maker, there are so many things out there that the student will fully utilize and love.