Things You Can do to Throw a Successful Kentucky Derby Party

kentucky bourbon accessoriesIf you’re a huge fan of the Kentucky Derby, but don’t see yourself being able to make the trip down to Louisville for the next race, don’t worry! There is one easy thing you can do to make your Derby Day as special as it would be if you were actually there in person.

Instead of having to take the trip to Kentucky, invite a few friends over and throw your own Derby Day party! If you decide to host your own party, there are a few things that are absolutely necessary to have, serve, and do. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Feeding Your Guests

There are a few food items that you need to serve in order to have a successful Kentucky Derby party. For example, country ham and biscuits, Kentucky Hot Brown sandwiches, and bourbon meatballs are an absolute must for the main course. Your guests will probably also want something sweet to munch on after they’ve finished off the main food items. Chocolate-bourbon pecan pie, bourbon peach pie, and vanilla bourbon smash ice cream are all good choices to help satisfy any sweet tooth.

What Drinks Should be Served?

The most popular drink of the Kentucky Derby is the mint julep, which should be served in a silver julep cup for proper presentation. However, you don’t have to stop there. There are other drinks attendees sip on during the Derby that you can serve at your party! Long Island iced tea, whiskey sour, and bourbon smash are all other potential drink options you can provide to your guests.

Since a Kentucky staple is bourbon, it’s important to offer that at your party. If you are going to serve bourbon, you better be prepared with Kentucky bourbon accessories. Kentucky bourbon accessories range from proper bottle openers and copper cups to honey pecans. Having traditional Kentucky bourbon along with the Kentucky bourbon accessories will help to make you and your guests really feel like you’re celebrating in Louisville.

What to Do at a Derby Day Party

Along with watching the Derby itself, there are some games and activities that you can all participate in to keep occupied. For example, you can host a hat contest. Each guest has to come with the most outrageous, Kentucky Derby-themed hat they can possibly find. The person with the best hat wins.

You can also bring out a game of horseshoes, or create stick horses for mini-horse races. To keep things interesting, you can reward each winner with a prize at the end of every game. Some Kentucky-themed prizes you can offer your guests are Makers Mark bar accessories, Simply Southern shirts, UK mugs, or other state pride Kentucky merchandise items. State pride promotional items can be anything from hats to glasses. Commemorative buttons were the first promotional product used in the U.S. by Geroge Washington during his presidential campaign in 1789. You can even give your guests Kentucky buttons!

Take the fun and excitement out of Louisville and bring Derby Day into your own home. Use a few of the ideas listed above for the guarantee of a fun, traditional Kentucky Derby party that will have your guests raving for months to come.