Kentucky Dominates The Bourbon Market, Here’s Why

kentucky bourbonWhile there is no law that states that bourbon must be made in Kentucky, it’s a fact that 95% of the world’s bourbon is made in the state. As you might have noticed, KY state gifts can often include a bottle of the liquor or Kentucky bourbon apparel. Kentucky dominates the market, and there’s a reason why. Let’s take a closer look.

It’s Something In The Water
The state of Kentucky sits on top of vast deposits of blue limestone, which filters out hard iron and gives a sweet-tasting quality to the water. In fact, some people claim that if you drink from an open stream in the state, it will taste better than the majority of the tap water in the country.

Varying Temperatures
But the water isn’t the only thing that Kentucky has going for it when it comes to bourbon production. The state’s temperatures also work well for the production of the liquor.In fact, Kentucky has a wide temperature swing, going from chilly winters to hot summers, and that can be very good for bourbon production. It allows the charred oak barrels, which give the spirit its amber color and distinctive taste, to absorb and release the whiskey.

“We have the ideal climate to age bourbon probably,” says Wild Turkey master distiller Jimmy Russell, a member of the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame. “You need the hot summers and cold winters so that the wood can breathe and the whiskey can move in and out of it.”

The Best Gifts For State Pride
Kentucky bourbon accessories and the bourbon itself are some of the most iconic and strictly “Kentucky” gifts around, given the state’s sheer dominance of the market. Nothing says you have pride in your state like Kentucky memorabilia that supports the local businesses. You can also add other KY state memorabilia like sports shirts and accessories to complement it. These can be great gifts for those people who may only be in the state for a short visit.

If you were born and raised in Kentucky, you can always carry around the memories of the state by buying a bottle of Kentucky bourbon. With its iconic taste that comes as a result of the state itself, it’ll be just like a little piece of home.