3 Interesting Facts About Kentucky Football

ksr accessoriesFootball is one of the biggest and most influential past times in America, with millions of individuals not only watching it but purchasing memorabilia related to it as well. According to statistics, 73% of Americans use some form of promotional product at least once a week, while 45% use these products once a day. These products can include things like University of Kentucky Merchandise.

Chances are if you own something like Kentucky football apparel or similar University of Kentucky gear, you’re a fan of the team. And if you’re a fan of the team, you likely know a lot about its history. But on the off chance that you don’t, we have a few facts about them that might interest you:

The 1943 Season
The football program that marks so many University of Kentucky hats may date back 123 years, but it has only played 122 seasons. The team didn’t compete in 1943 when a number of players and coaches were serving in World War II. A large number of other teams didn’t have players available throughout that season, as well.

Founding Member
Kentucky is one of the 10 founding members of the SEC that remain in the conference today, having stayed in when the split happened in 1932. It was joined by UK, Alabama, Flordia, Georgia, Ole Miss, and others when the split occurred.

Three All-Americans
Kentucky can also claim 23 All-Americans throughout its history, three of which were unanimous. These include offensive tackle Bob Gain and quarterback Babe Parilli as members of the 1950 SEC championship team. Parilli did it again in 1951.

These are just three of the more interesting facts that exist about the Kentucky SEC team, with a lot more out there to find. And if you love your state team, then you should look at the Kentucky Sports Radio memorabilia that’s available to you. KSR accessories and merchandise can be a great gift sports lovers out there. You can find KSR accessories on our website, or at the site for the radio.

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